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Welcome to YogurtYa self-serve yogurt shop!

We're a new self-serve yogurt chain operating in many locations throughout North America. The fabulous yogurt craze began quite a few years ago and we're excited to be introducing this healthy dessert alternative to new customers who are not yet familiar with it!

what makes it fun...

Of course the best part about visiting our shops is what we call the yogurt "experience".

When you first enter our store, you'll be greeted by a number of yogurt machines filled with delicious yogurt in various mouth-watering flavours. You then proceed to pick up a yogurt cup - you choose the size you like depending on how much yogurt you're craving that day - and you go right up to the machines to help yourself - the fun part :) You fill up the cup as much or as little as you like.

When you're ready, you move over to our toppings workshop where you'll get to choose what toppings to add on top of your yogurt. Will it be mochi and strawberries today? Or choco krispies and gummie bears? It's all up to you!

Finally you bring your cup over and our friendly staff will weigh it for you and let you know how much it all cost. You then pay our staff and enjoy your one of a kind yogurt creation! Yay!


What's your favourite topping?




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